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As a public school counselor, I was constantly searching for answers to such questions as why certain students felt accepted while other felt rejected. Why certain individuals had high self-esteem while other felt unworthy. Why certain children felt loved while others did not. Why certain ones succeeded while others failed. The conclusion that I came to was the children reared by parents who tried to live by the Ten Commandments was the single most important factor that accounted for the differences in their behavior.

From that time on I sensed a calling to share that knowledge. I believe that God has a plan for each and every child. God holds parents accountable for helping that child discover what the plan is. Parents must refrain from making their children into what they think they ought to be rather than what God intended them to be. This is less likely to happen when parents follow time-tested parenting principles grounded in scripture.

My motivation for writing each of my books is to help strengthen families because I feel that single-parent families particularly need assistance. My books will also help to strengthen two-parent families.

“Daniel Taddeo has joined forces with the growing number of authors interested in strengthening the family. His many biblical illustrations and suggestions to parents on communicating principles and ideas to children will prove very helpful to readers. The short chapters on a wide range of topics, make information easily referenced for future use.”
— Jay Kesler, President, Taylor University

Dan is planning to sell his books so that profits from the sales will benefit other organizations and Christian ministries. Some of the books will e sold in stores such as “Thrift Nation” and other stores that sell gently used items.